Out of Turku: Gdańsk

First things first: After dropping off backpacks at the hostel we went food hunting. As a burrito 
lover I felt we were of to a good start when stumbling upon this food truck parked just 
around the corner. And the burritos were delicious.

A place I visit in every city I travel to, the food market.

The landmark of Gdansk, a medieval crane called Zuraw.

Motlawa river.

Judging by the amount of attention from journalists, someone really important stepped out of
the court house on Dluga Street..

All the fuss didn't bother these guys by the fountain at all.

Dluga street in the heart of Gdansk.

Three Crosse Monument honouring those killed in the solidarity movement that began at
Gdansk shipyard. The European Centre of Solidarity in the background, 
more pictures from the museum below.

School kids by the monument.

A lot of the times, I skip through exhibitions at quite a fast pace. Not because the issue displayed
isn't important or interesting, but because many museums, in my opinion, fail to engage you in
the story and a lot of the times guided tour is the only way to really get something out of the
experience. This museum was different in that way. The permanent exhibition was very well
made and took you on an emotional journey through Polands recent history: all the way from
"The Birth of Solidarnosc" to "The Triumph of Freedom".

No lens correction software available atm.

Riot helmets inside a militia vehicle.

At the end of the exhibition you can leave your greeting to other visitors...

...and participate in creating this huge piece of solidarity wall art.

Souvenir shop outside the shipyard.

Off to Sopot, this pier surely holds some kind of record.

More pigeons, getting fed by some tourists.

And the sea gulls wanted their share too.

Sea gull madness!

Grand Hotel of the seaside resort, so very quiet this time of the year. 

Goodbye pier!

Back in Gdańsk, Oliwa. (When in Oliwa, make sure to stop by Pierogarnia Mandu 
for some traditional polish dumplings.)

Paavo taking some time to contemplate in Malbork Castle.

The sky was grey in Gdynia as well so we headed inside to challenge gravity on trampolines in
Jumpcity. Don't miss out, perfect rainy day activity! No pictures though, sorry.

I decided on including this picture simply so I could look at it a year from now and hopefully
be able to recognise how much I have improved. I'm terrible with night time photography, 
but I will get better.

Just one more pigeon!

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